Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Still alive...

Holy crap, it's been 18 days since I last posted. Needless to say, much is going on. The cold is gone, the deadline is now past (it made a lovely whooshing sound on its way by) and the project is now overdue. At least it's overdue on an internal deadline, and not a to-the-client deadline, though that is starting to become an issue. Some very, very cool stuff in this report, though. It has been very challenging to work through and to write, but very rewarding. There are bits and bobs to mull over here; I'll get to it.

In the rest of life... well, 'tis a roller-coaster. One minute I'm feeling very tall and together (h/t Clio); the next, the rug is gone and I'm free-falling. In an unpleasant sort of way. Much change is afoot; I may post more about it in the future. This is one of those "you can't go over, under, or around it, you must go THROUGH it" situations, and it does feel a lot like a brick wall sometimes. To those who've listened to me kvetch, or asked how I've been... truly, you've been more support than I can properly describe.

While I continue to pull myself together (or hold myself together, depending on the moment), here are some links:

Tired of Tea Party shenannigans in the media 24/7? Bully Bloggers presents The Cocktail Party, "a barstool-roots movement for left wing urban homosexuals and the people who love us." Sign me up! When do I get my membership card and copy of the agenda?

The University of Pennsylvania museum has an "Anthropologists in the Making" summer camp. How cool is that? They're hiring counselors.

The Promise is a multi-media presentation of the Civil Rights movement from the New Yorker. I was captivated.

Old is the New New posts a blog entry about Kymaerica, an alternate public history project that makes Places out of no-wheres, and Significant Events out of thin air. If you think historical markers are a little silly and irrelevant (or even if you think they're an important part of Public History and Public Memory), have a look.

And finally, a Food and Drink in Archaeology Conference. In April. In England. Add it to my list of conferences I'd love to attend, but won't be! Hopefully they post papers on the 'net, or publish a proceedings.

PS: I applied for the jobs. To quote the fine folks at the lottery, "if you don't play, you can't win." I'll worry about taking/not taking said jobs if they ask me if I want them :)

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