Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Last weekend, I moved. I quit my job(s), packed up my shit, and am now residing South of the Mason Dixon Line gearing up for grad school.*

I'm still unpacking, but can finally see most of the floor space in my apartment. A big day tomorrow: my new bed arrives. It will be my first bed with a real headboard and footboard. Ever. I feel so adult-y. Hopefully, I can assemble that sucker and actually sleep in it tomorrow! My new desk arrives tomorrow too... I may never want to assemble anything ever again.....

* I am eternally grateful to the gaggle of friends who helped me move said shit across several state lines.


Anonymous said...

I felt like an adult when I bought a dining table and a couch. AT THE FURNITURE STORE! Brand New! WHOO!!! Buying a bed didn't register with me really since I bought mattresses for a few internships I did around the country in college.

Oh how I hate assembling furniture. H.A.T.E. I put together a 200 lb bedroom dresser myself. STUPID. The delivery guys kept asking me what was in the box because they didn't believe me it was a dresser. Solid Wood. 6 drawers. I had to use power tools. I completely stripped every screw, but damn, it saved my hands a lot more of the handscrewing. It's beeeoootiful, I stroke it lovingly every morning. It feels adult-y to have furniture that isn't disposable after a few years. I'm taking the dresser to my grave, dammit.

Welcome to the new digs Digger.
Screwy Unicorn

Digger said...

Thanks, Unicorn! A ratcheting screwdriver was my saving grace. Why, oh why, did I wait until I was 40 to own one?!?!?!

And now, I'm off to pass out in My Own New Big Girl Bed! Woo Hoo!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hooray! Congrats, Digger! I remember when you were blogging about applying to grad school. There you are! I am so happy for you. How's it going?