Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jobs! Fellowships! Negotiating!

There are several excellent and helpful posts out there regarding applying for, negotiating, &tc. academic jobs. I'm currently an adjunct in addition to my regular gig, so I'm not completely disassociated with life in the U. I found much in these posts useful not just for academic jobs, but also in planning educational trajectories (whee!) and even negotiating for regular gigs (and wish I'd read before taking said regular gig).

Historiann and her blog commentators offer advice to Lucky Louie who has been offered a Fellowship, but has other job applications pending. Discussions include: the value of a PostDoc Fellowship vs. non-t.t. jobs (like lectureships) that pay more; how to approach those who are deciding on your applications to encourage a response; and why those with tenure dream of Fellowships.

Dance at Prone to Laughter and several commentators get into the nitty gritty of remuneration that may not appear on your paycheck. Things to ask about: moving expenses, photocopier allowances, travel/conference allowances, new computer, rent credit, course-releases, &tc. Take these into consideration while reading the next post...

Dr. Crazy at Reassigned Time lays it on the line about how important negotiating your salary is. Even if all you get up front is a "lousy" $1,000 (think compound interest). She also makes a pretty good argument for why it really is worth bucking for Full. The discussion in the comments tackles gender disparities in how negotiating is seen by those being negotiated with: bitchy vs. savvy, and also suggestions for women in making a good negotiation argument (i.e., how not to be "bitchy"). Yes, the fact that such a discussion even needs to take place seriously blows. Forewarned is forearmed, as they say... I just wish I'd read some of this stuff before I took my regular gig!

More discussion about Sex and Salary Negotiations at Historiann.

I do realize I've left out the all-important interview! But I should be grading, not writing, so I will tackle the interview stuff another time.

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