Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fear and Damnation

More about the shooting at Wesleyan (damn, damn, damn):

From University Diaries, here.

From Feminist Law Professors, here (about harassment by her murderer 2 years ago).

From Tenured Radical, more info here as well as here, which also includes the prediction that "we find out through an attorney, or through a deranged group of documents, that this man "had" to kill Johanna because he "loved" her."

It is easy to feel safe when someone in particular is targeted for violence, when it isn't random. Don't fool yourselves; the "someone in particular" is very, very often a woman, and could be ANY of us. Somehow, it is safe when men kill/beat/maim their wives/girlfriends/daughters because domestic violence is separate violence. Talk about "separate spheres." TR is rightfully furious that "each of these things [is treated] like an isolated incident of individual pathology. " Historiann has posted about this also (see link in previous post).

I'm angry and scared. What makes someone snap and kill? One of Johanna's passions has been listed as women's issues, another as writing. Did these have anything to do with her murderer's calculus? Perhaps we will know more in time. I cannot let this threat of violence silence me.

Finally, in her response to those who would argue that more guns on campus = safety, TR spells it out: "And I just want to tell you in advance: you are completely and totally insane."

What she said.

Updated: He's turned himself in. For consistency, TR's post here.

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