Wednesday, May 27, 2009

T Minus By The Gods I'm Late; Where Are My Textbooks?

I start teaching an evening summer session this week. I love teaching! I don't love the fact that I put in for my textbooks MONTHS ago, received confirmation, and there are apparently no textbooks to be had. Also not forthcoming is a reply from the bookstore to my slightly panicked email.

So. I've been thinking about overhauling the course anyway. But for a summer session (marathon classes more than once a week, 13 weeks of material in 5) during the busy field season, and while I'm desperately trying to finish a book draft, would not be my first choice of timing. Eh, I work better by necessity than choice sometimes anyhow!

If I go textbookless for this course, it stays textbookless!

Edited I (Thursday): The textbooks exist! As does the bookstore manager. Though both, for different reasons, had been relatively inaccessible. I am relieved.

Edited II (Friday): The textbooks exist, but cannot be located. Emergency order: ETA soon; Quantity: not enough for the number of students in class.

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