Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Great Soda Divide

Back in the fall, I posted about Michigans and the Land of Pepsi. In the comments, folks wondered about the dividing line between places where you order a soda and places where you order a pop.

I am happy to report that, through no investigative ability of my own, I can provide an answer. Behold!

(Clickity for detail)

Much hat-tipping appreciation to DamnGoodTechnician for the image. And also for the link to the Dialect Survey. I now know what mumbledy-peg is -- something I'd heard about, but never knew what it was. Thankfully, I've never been asked to play. They should have called it Crazy Shit. I also now know a much, much better and descriptive term for doing donuts. Seriously, it should be called this EVERYWHERE!


Ink said...

I hail from the Land of Pop! Woohoo!

This map is GREAT.

Eidtalheg said...

It appears I live on the Soda side of its border with Pop. And I had no idea there was an entire third of the country that generically refers to it as "Coke"!

Anonymous said...

luv ya digs <3

Digger said...

The cluster of soda in the middle of pop-land at the Missouri/Illinois border intrigues me!

I live firmly in the land of Soda, though I came from the land of Pop. Now pop sounds weird...

Ink: new meaning to red and blue (and green and yellow) states ^^

Eidtal~ Welcome! Nice Santa Suit; but Icecrown -is- cold XD