Saturday, April 24, 2010

Grading Jail, WTF, and Yikes a Bleg

I am in grading jail. One more class and the final exam, but I have a stack of essays and other assignments to grade and get back to my students. At least it is only one class.

Some of their work is very, very good. But, because they didn't actually complete the assignment as given, they're not getting full marks. I read them the riot act at the beginning of the semester about doing the assignments they're given; I re-read them the riot act mid-semester. A lot of them got burned on their in-class presentations for not following instructions. And still? Their written work = incomplete. WTF. I am at a loss.

Finally, Yikes. I'm teaching this summer, but the class will be online. And I have 4 weeks to cover 13 weeks of material. And most of my in-class course is designed for in-class -- films, in-class presentations, handing around casts of human bones, etc. Despite being told that teaching online is just like teaching in-class, but online (another WTF), I have to rejigger my class and somehow do it so that I can get a sense that my students are engaged and understanding the material. I will gladly take any and all suggestions!


RPS77 said...

Despite being told that teaching online is just like teaching in-class, but online ...

OK, that cracks me up. It reminds me of the unhelpful expression that two things are exactly the same, except for all of the ways that they're different.

Digger said...

Then you'll love this one, RPS77:

@Mouse: I couldn't help it!

The Steel Magnolia said...

Wow! I just wrote on Facebook that I'm in grading jail! Is your cell close to mine??? LOL!
Plus, I'm having a very similar thought about why my students can't follow instructions even though I yelled and jumped up and down about correct form.
Best wishes on your release!

Digger said...

TSM, too funny!!! Unfortunately, I've extended my stay in Grading Jail by blowing off said grading for The Entire Day. Ah well, I don't REALLY need sleep, right?