Saturday, July 10, 2010

Next Book,What?!?!?!?!

I was driving around this morning doing errands and chatting with a friend when the conversation turned to a subject that I suddenly realized would be a cool topic for a next book. It is COMPLETELY different from the one I am currently working on, but is a offshoot of things I've been dealing with and glancingly interested in for a long time. The goal would be to construct it so that it has enough research value to be useful and attractive to historians and historical archaeologists, and be accessible and interesting for a general audience. I think the particular topic I have in mind could straddle these two universes quite nicely.

Of course, I need to finish the current book... and apply for grad school. But I shall start a research file.

It's an interesting sensation when scattered pieces that have been part of your reality for a long time suddenly come together and become An Entity...


Ink said...

Look at you go!!! I don't even know if you NEED to go to graduate school. Maybe you should just go straight to Professor!

Digger said...

Ah, but there are those pesky degree requirements, Inky!

Besides, I am looking forward to doing the work and pushing myself (and hopefully being pushed a la constructive criticism and challenges).