Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Some random randomness for the middle of this thankfully short week of too hot:

  • I spent some time in a bridal store today. It was about half an hour. It was freaky and surreal. I've never spent time in a bridal store before, even though I'm almost 40. I do so have friends! Just not the marrying kind :) For the record, I think I need a drink to recover. All that polyester, shoddily made to survive a single wearing, for outrageous prices, and officious, hovering staff (well, except for the woman on the phone explaining to someone that, whoops, her dress WASN'T in). It was an alien place, and I am skeeved.
  • It drives me bonkers when various groups are identified as ethnic groups, but white Western culture is never included in that category. Oh HAI! White "been here since forever" Americans ALSO constitute an ethnicity! It's like defining women by how they're not men; ethnicities get defined by how they differ from "the norm."
  • I have poison ivy ON MY FACE. Granted, there are places that are soooooo very much worse to have it, but I was hoping to actually go out in public this weekend.
  • I'm gearing up for grad school applications. Total Impostor Syndrome kicking in. What if they don't like me?!?!?!?! I will suck it up and cope, but holy roller coaster. I am very thankful to all the bloggy friends I read who have offered up suggestions on how not to apply to grad school, what to ask, who to ask, etc. etc. I will very likely bleg at some point in the near future for application letter feedbacks! In the mean time, I've scheduled my GRE for soon.
  • I have an article coming out very soon on a ritual concealment. I am excited!
  • If the stars align, I will be going to the Roller Derby for the first time this weekend. I will endeavor to arm myself with my camera!
That is all.


Ink said...

Am so sorry about the poison ivy! Poor Digs! Hugs to you.

And of course they are going to like you -- you're already publishing articles and books. Gosh, they'd be lucky to have you!

Congrats on your forthcoming pub, btw! Woohoo!

Looking forward to your Roller Derby pics...

Bavardess said...

Ick, bridal stores (or anything to do with the whole wedding industry, really) totally skeeve me out, too. I think I'm the only person who kind of sighs when they get a wedding invitation. I mean, I'm happy for them and all, but I can think of better ways to spend a weekend day than cooped up in a hotel function room listening to lame speeches!

Congrats on the article. When it comes out, please post the reference. I've been intrigued by your posts on ritual concealments and I'd love to read more.

Digger said...

Inky: <3

Bavardess: Emailed. :)