Saturday, September 18, 2010

An Open Letter to My Body

Dear Body,

We have had a strained relationship for just about as long as I can remember. I have ignored you, and I have hated you. I have hated how big you are. I have hated when you don't work right. I have hated when you don't move right; when you drop things; when you hurt.

Today, I asked you for what I thought was impossible. And you delivered more than I thought was possible, and then delivered again, and again, and again.* I am in awe. I did not think we had it in us. I cannot hate you any more. You are awesome. And together, holy shit, it's *all* possible.

-- Me.

* I took part in an athletic event today as a member of two teams. I took part in a total of at least 10 heats (possibly 11, but I really can't be certain right now), and a total distance of at least 5,300m or 3.3 miles. Most of the heats were sprints of 200 to 500m; the last race was a fight to the finish for 2,000m. I thought I was done after Heat 3, but emptied the tank for 7 more heats. Holy shit.


squadratomagico said...

This is so awesome! Congratulations!

(And remember to re-read this post once in a while... just to keep the love going!)

Ink said...

Yay, body! Sounds like a rather amazing experience. Clapping for you!!!!