Sunday, July 12, 2009

Book Report: PROGRESS!

So, writing takes a lot longer than I'd hoped/wished/planned. I mean, I write all the time at work, but those are reports, with templates. The book? The book is different. It probably has less to do with the difference between reports with templates and books than it does with emotional attachment, personal investment, and putting myself and my ideas OUT THERE.

Still, I ABC (apply butt to chair - h/t Clio Bluestocking) on a regular basis, and sit put until I get something accomplished, fry my brain, or the day ends (usually a combination of the above). Today... today I took 20 pages of *stuff* and synthesized a chapter, which I have dutifully popped off to my editor. I am happy. And I have fodder for articles. Cool fodder for cool articles (well, for archaeologists interested in this particular corner of the field, anyway). Now I just need to secure permissions to turn certain accumulations of said fodder (which isn't mine) into an illustrated article, wherein I connect an apparently unconnected series of dots, the larger meaning of which escapes me. Perhaps article is too strong a word. Perhaps a research note.

Did I mention I got a chapter done? Damn, this thing may get finished after all.


Bavardess said...

Congratulations on making progress! Turning 20 pages into a chapter sounds like a damned good day's work to me.

Ink said...

All hail the chapter! That's magnificent work. :)

Digger said...

Thanks, both! I suppose I should fill in the bits between Chapters 2 and 5, huh?