Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Guess the Connections

Am I the only one who plays "Guess the connections" on LinkedIn? When I see a "you may know this person" and it shows the people we have in common in our Networks, I always try to guess who they are. Sometimes I'm right; sometimes I'm surprised. Surely I'm not alone. Right?


Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Sounds kind of fun. I have resisted signing up for LinkedIn so far...not exactly sure what my problem is. It just seemed like One More Thing. Do you like it?

Digger said...

It's actually way less maintenance than Facebook or Academia, and has proved very, very helpful for me. I used it to contact colleagues who moved away years ago to ask about their various grad school experiences at my prospective schools. I'm not a hard-core user, though... but people have to *agree* to be in your network, which means on some level, they agree to be networked with (upon?).