Saturday, April 23, 2011

Privilege Bleg

Anyone have suggestions for methods to encourage students to become aware of and engage their various privileges? In this particular case, it's white privilege.

I have tried leading questions, I've tried telling them that more evolution = white = better is just a plain wrong reading... I know you can only lead a horse to water, but suggestions on getting them to drink greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Do a racial profiling thing. Only hand out study guides to Whity McWhites because whites have superior brains. Anyone with a non-whity name gets nothing since they are dumb anyway, tell them they shouldn't be in the class in the first place, that they are taking away seats from whiteys. Tell the non-whiteys that they must produce a birth certificate showing that they were born in this country. Go all out. Pretend you are the AZ governor. Tell the non-whiteys you will lock their asses up for breathing.

Good luck.

Digger said...

Thanks, jc... except, they're all white... could do it by hair colour, I suppose...

Anonymous said...

That'll work. Actually, I think it might work better if you switch it up. Instead of dumb blondes, make them the privileged ones. They are the smartest, brightest bulbs. Short people are also a good one since tall people get paid more, so privilege short people for your exercise. Anyone under 5 ft and blonde gets an A!