Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Last weekend, I moved. I quit my job(s), packed up my shit, and am now residing South of the Mason Dixon Line gearing up for grad school.*

I'm still unpacking, but can finally see most of the floor space in my apartment. A big day tomorrow: my new bed arrives. It will be my first bed with a real headboard and footboard. Ever. I feel so adult-y. Hopefully, I can assemble that sucker and actually sleep in it tomorrow! My new desk arrives tomorrow too... I may never want to assemble anything ever again.....

* I am eternally grateful to the gaggle of friends who helped me move said shit across several state lines.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Random Photos

I was sorting some digital photos (my poor, old hard drive is all full, so migrating images to an external), and found a few to share. Enjoy!

Mallards hanging out on the dock, Lake George, New York, June 2011

View along Taughannock Creek towards Cayuga Lake,
Taughannock State Park, New York, December 2010.

Happy moss, Ausable Chasm, New York, October 2010.