Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bflogging: U Chicago Will Write Your Academic Stuff For You. Free. Fer Realz.

Writers' block? No worries! The University of Chicago offers free, web-based help. This is not just tips for busting through your blockage; their website will write your shit for you! Simply fill in a few relevant qualifiers, and off you go: Make Your Own Academic Sentence.*

If even picking qualifiers is too much effort, have no fear. The fine folks at the Writing Program gotcha covered: Virtual Academic Writes Random Sentences.

Then, of course, they offer the frivolous and the trivial Sentence of the Week. Why would I need that kind of fiddly analysis when I've got Virtual Academic? Pshaw.

* Is it scary that the academic sentences made sense? I think it is.


Bavardess said...

OMG, that academic sentence one is fun, but that is some pretty extraordinary spoon-feeding. I am way too anal to let anyone else write my sentences for me. They're mine, MINE, ALL MINE (and don't go putting your red pen through them, either).

Digger said...

I'm still floored that I can parse those suckers at all. You know it's bad when, not only the sentence makes your head hurt, but being able to understand it does, too.

No worries, I lost all my red pens ages ago. I haven't had to resort to grading in pencil... yet.