Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mail Delay

I came home to a small package in the mail. "Return to Sender" stamped on it. "WTF?" I thought, "I haven't mailed anything like this in the last few weeks..." Checked return address; yep, mine. Looked at the date on the postage meter stamp. Looked again. December 17, 2001. TWO THOUSAND AND ONE! Hello, like, almost 8 years ago? And it turns up undeliverable... NOW?

Just for fun, I entered the Delivery Confirmation number into the post office website. Below is the entire roster of information:
  • Arrival at Post Office, August 27, 2009, 6:47 am, FORT WORTH, TX 76107
  • Undeliverable as Addressed, August 27, 2009, 8:06 am, FORT WORTH, TX 76107
Where on earth has this packet been? I hope it went somewhere interesting for the last 8 years, and wasn't jammed in some machine that whole time.

Perhaps it is a message; that even where you think you know where something's been the last 8 years, it can be lost. And maybe even returned to you, even though the intended recipient went without.


squadratomagico said...

I hope it wasn't perishable!

Digger said...

Fortunately, no!

Anonymous said...

Did they at least write you an apologetic letter? Sheesh!

Digger said...

Ink, nope, nary a peep. The only time I've received apologies from the Post Office is when a letter's been shredded, and materializes in my mailbox in a little plastic baggie with a "sorry" note.