Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ah, Those Wacky Resurrection Men!

Trained in History, Kate Beaton creates comics based on historical events and people. Sometimes, she takes liberties. Sometimes, she doesn't have to. Always hilarious. I love her stuff; she's in my blogroll over there as Hark, A Vagrant! As much as I'm dying to post images of her fantastic "History is Serious" shirt, and to her Ben Franklin flying a kite shirt, I will content myself with links. Because this post is about Resurrection Men.

I posted earlier about resurrection men acquiring recently-dead bodies for use in anatomy classes. When freshly-dead bodies were not forthcoming, some resurrectionists resorted to a DIY approach, and became murderers. Kate Beaton posted a comic recently recounting the exploits of Burke and Hare, infamous providers of cadavers who weren't quite dead when Burke and Hare first met them. In her post, Kate links to the following, which was entirely too good not to share:

Edited to make the YouTube thingy not quite so enormous.


Bavardess said...

"It's always a palaver getting hold of a cadaver..." I love it. I'll be humming it at work tomorrow.

Digger said...

Wish I could be a fly on the wall when you explain what that tune is :D

squadratomagico said...

That was my favorite rhyme, too!
Thanks -- good fun first thing in the morning!