Sunday, December 20, 2009

Almost Done!

I am in grading jail... though it *is* only 20 essays. Then I give my final exam at... wait for it... 7pm, Wednesday, December 23. Nice, yes? I will be returning essays that night, and be happy to see the backs of them. Then I put my butt, my ungraded finals, and assorted holiday presents in the car, and high-tail it North of the Border for holiday dinner on the 24th and a few days with old friends and family. Thankfully I can submit my grades online while I'm up there!

Good holidays to all, if I don't manage to post before then.

PS: Current vice: Hell's Kitchen, via my new nemesis, Hulu.


jo(e) said...

A final exam on December 23? That seems ridiculous.

Digger said...

My only explanation is that Those Who Schedule Such Crap are not The Ones Who Have To Be There. It's insane.

Ink said...

December 23rd? That's ridiculous! Oh, Digger, I'm sorry!

But cool that you have fun things planned for afterwards, even if you have to lug the ungraded ones along. Happy Holidays to you, too!

RPS77 said...

Agreed that the 23rd is bizarrely late for an exam! That really stinks, but I hope that you have safe travels and a great Christmas regardless of exams and grading.