Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lightning Update

  • I have a place to live come August. I am grateful to the person who responded to my plea, and went to check out the apartment on my behalf to make sure there were no bugs, dead things, or other reasons I shouldn't take it. Yep, I've not yet seen the inside of my new digs; but the building looks good, and the lease is signed.
  • I'm no longer an adjunct. Feels........ weird. I've described this transition from working archaeologist/adjunct/married person to student/single as "between lives." It totally is. And as much as I'm a fan of writing about liminal places/spaces, living in one over several months is losing it's lustre.
  • Wrangling a conference session seems pretty straightforward. Until critical email to one of your presenters bounces with no forwarding address, one presenter hasn't given an abstract nor responded to pleas for same, and the conference registration software does weird shit. And somewhere in there, I need to find a laptop that's running MS Powerpoint 2007, because I'm using Open Office on my machine, but I need to bring the hardware.
  • Friends rock.


JaneB said...

Liminal spaces are very interesting. From the outside! I wish you a safe arrival in a less interesting space...

Ink said...

Hooray for a domicile!

ps: love the whole concept of liminality (in books, not so much living situation)...where all the cool stuff happens.

Digger said...

I swear I'll never write about liminal places/spaces/times and the people in/around them again without remembering the experience of being in one.

Now, if this is to be a textbook example of liminality, I'll be requiring some sort of rebirth ritual at the other end... Suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Rebirth ritual? Sounds horrifying! Unless it involves, like, lots of alcohol.

ps: I changed my comment setting--will you give it a try? I like it better under the post but if it will work for you as pop up, I'll leave it! Have heard that there have been some commenty probs all around Blogger this week, so maybe it was that, too. But in any case, please try when you have a sec?

jo(e) said...

Liminal spaces are fascinating after you're out of them.