Friday, January 22, 2010

The Book is a Maze

"Think of your book-in-progress as a maze. You’ve hit a wall. Go back to where you made the wrong turn. Start anew from there."

- Margaret Atwood, on overcoming writers' block


Ink said...

She. Rocks.

I have a habit of referring to her texts in my classes because, if I need a great example of X, Y, or Z, chances are she's already provided it. Anyhoo, someone asked me today in class who my favorite author was. Which just happens to be MA. Two students who had been in another one of my classes starting laughing and whispering and then said "Dr. Ink, we are now taking bets on how many times you will mention her name this term." They're actually counting! LOL!

Digger said...

I love her shorter works - essays, etc. I got Orix and Crake and Year of the Flood for the holidays and am looking forward to reading them (finishing up Wolf Hall first).

ROFL on the bets!