Saturday, December 11, 2010

To Do

Arrived home yesterday following my dad's death and funeral. Through his illness and passing, I've been away from home about two and a half weeks. I have a ton to do; to wit (and in no particular order of priority or preference):

  1. Submit three grad school applications (two require additional essays, on top of the personal statements that I need to tweak). One due Jan 1; two due Jan 15
  2. Apply for outside funding. Main one due early Feb.
  3. Grade students' assignments (how is it that I have 2 weeks to go, while other schools are wrapping up/wrapped up for the semester???). Not due for another full week, but if I don't get cracking I'm screwed.
  4. Prep for this week's class (heavy on the review). Due soonish.
  5. Find a financial planner that I can trust. By early Jan.
  6. Laundry. Today.
  7. Ignore work gremlins until Monday, at which time they will have to be tamed. Although I feel vindicated, being correct in this case = wrench in the works.
  8. Write OMGSuperCoolSite. Today would be good.
  9. Return a book I never ordered. Coordinate by Monday.
  10. Apparently my brakes need to be checked because the person driving my car today said they made a funny noise. Under advisement.
  11. Take my vitamins. Preferably today.
  12. Go for a walk/to the gym. Maybe today, probably tomorrow?
  13. Do some work on the book. Hopefully tomorrow morning; maybe today if I can get motivated.
  14. Call SnowboundHistoricalSociety regarding cost of photocopies, since they apparently don't answer their email. Monday.
  15. Call FederalCurator regarding image permissions, since they are apparently ignoring my email. Monday.
  16. Breathe. Ongoing.
  17. Formulate ConferencePaper into JouralArticle (ha, I saved a version all full of citations; this, at least, should go quickly!). Due mid-Jan, I think.
  18. Outline paper for upcoming journal and make arrangements for research visit; coordinate research visit with visit home to see family while avoiding the worst of the Jaws of Winter, even if this means missing visit with portions of family. By mid-Jan.
  19. Blog post following up on an earlier post re: getting your work out on the 'net. Sometime this weekend?
  20. Holiday shopping. I don't feel in the spirit. I'm putting this off until I decide how much holiday cheer I can take.
  21. Two more articles to get out. Research is done, just need to massage into papers. By April.
  22. I'm sure there is more; there is always more.

All that, after I take a long, hot bath.

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Bavardess said...

I've been avoiding blog-land while I got some work finished (I am too easily distracted) and just catching up. I'm very sorry to hear about your dad. I hope you get a chance to take some time out for yourself over the coming weeks.