Monday, November 16, 2009

I do not knit...

I cannot knit. My mother tried to show me when I was young; I ended up with an oddly shaped bundle of knots that could not even pretend at being a scarf. I *do* do other needlework, but that's irrelevant. Because there are people who can not only knit a pair of socks simultaneously (as in, one process = 1 pair of socks, not two separate sock-making incidents = 1 pair of socks)... but will share how they do such magic, and recommend quantities of chocolate as part of the process.

I was agog. And now I want stripy socks. And chocolate.

h/t a stitch in time (nice sox, btw!)


a stitch in time said...

Thanks Digger!
Oh, and if you tried to knit when you were young, and it just didn't work out... you can always give it another try now. It really isn't hard, and there are teaching sites (with videos) and amazing homemade tutorial videos on Youtube where you can see every form of knitting imaginable - Continental, English, Combination, whatever.
Come join the dark side... we knit socks ; )

Ink said...

I can't knit, either. And I want flowered socks. And hot chocolate. Chee! :D