Saturday, November 28, 2009


I've been on my ass for a week with the flu. It is not fun, but at least now I won't need to get the shot (because I really don't like shots).

Thanks in advance for humoring yet another bullet list of personal, self-indulgent crap.

  • The blog received it's first spam last week. At least they made a half-assed attempt to be relevant... well, at least right up to the part where they left a link to some scam or pr0n or something (I didn't check where it went). I was so proud!
  • I really hate being sick. And very fortunate to have someone around who kept an eye on me, even though things between us are not good. Critical thinking skills go out the window when fever hits 103.5, which should only be seen as a radio station call number, and not a body temperature. And by critical thinking skills, I mean remembering to drink water.
  • I think someone I know has stumbled on the blog. I hope they respect my pseudonimity; I'd be happy to discuss it with them in person or via email, but won't bring it up in case I'm wrong.
  • The thing about not getting what you want if you don't ask for it that I mentioned in my last TMI RBOC... well, I asked (yay me). I did get some clarification, and it wasn't the clarification I was hoping for, but at least the situation isn't muddy anymore.
  • I think I just watched an entire season of Ice Road Truckers today on History Channel. I need to not be sick anymore...
  • Contra Dancing is way too much fun!
  • I have real posts pending, I promise!


squadratomagico said...

I've never even *heard* of "Ice Road Truckers.* Sounds dismal!

Hope you feel better soon!

Ink said...

Yes, hope that you feel better STAT. Sounds like you were really sick and that's awful. Glad that you had some support (though I'm sorry to hear that things aren't good between you).

Have to say, I very much enjoyed your RBOC. Not self-indulgent at all, just interesting. Take care, Digsy!

jo(e) said...

I hope you feel better soon!

And at least you got the flu over with early in the season ....

RPS77 said...

103.5?! That's a serious fever - I don't think that I've had anything like that since I was a kid. I hope that you are a lot better now.

(I was going to ask what RBOC stands for, but I think I figured it out. There's nothing wrong with those random bullets at all - that's at least half of what blogging is about, in my opinion.)

Bavardess said...

103.5?! Yikes. I hope you are feeling a lot better now. Glad you got the clarification. Even if it wasn't what you hoped for, at least you know the worst and can move on to plan B (or whatever).

Digger said...

Thanks, all.

Squad~: Ice Road Truckers is kinda interesting for the first half hour or so. A seasons worth... well, I had a fever.

Ink & Jo(e): A lingering cough, but else moderately functional! Damn tired though...

RPS77: Random Bullets of Crap :)

Bavardess: Alas, no Plan B, unless not becoming a hermit and shunning all personal contact counts :)