Monday, November 9, 2009

Really RBOC

I'm just a jumble right now, so I figured I'd share, put it out there, and maybe, just maybe, it will help. At least grumping will make me feel better.

  • Dear all 6 recipients of various emails over the last two weeks. I understand that the world does not revolve around me, and that perhaps you have other things to attend to. But really, could even ONE of you respond? The things that I contacted you about are quite important to me for various personal, work, and The Book related reasons. I am especially irked at Site Associated With Federal Department; I finally received an answer to an email (my third or fourth attempt), after having to send it to the top rung of the ladder, and was very excited. Then, two weeks of nothing happening, and no response to my follow-up requests. It's just a graphics request, folks!
  • Not happy about same-sex marriage being defeated in Maine. Since when are civil rights voted on in a referendum?
  • I am PISSED that a woman's right to choose was horse-traded to get the votes for the health care plan. Yes, we are in dire need of health care reform. But quit pitching me under the damn bus and trading away bits of me.
  • The Uni where I teach is presenting a Professional Development workshop called "Exceptional Customer Service in Higher Ed" about how to improve student retention... I mean, customer satisfaction. WTF, y'all, this isn't McDonalds...
  • I don't know how to do the fancy strike-through text on Blogger.
  • Personal relationships are confusing. Especially when the messages I'm getting seem mixed.
  • I have mid-semester feedbacks waiting to be looked at. Why does this make me nervous? Probably because everything else lately seems difficult. I should just bite the bullet and look at them, maybe they'll be good news.
  • If I am unclear about what I want, or fail to request it, I cannot be bent when I don't get it. I have to remind myself of this.
  • My kitchen is full of my bathroom, or what will become my bathroom once they put it back together. Folks, if you're getting water behind your tiles, DO NOT WAIT to fix it. Gross. And expensive.
  • I don't have a name for my car, but I know others who do. I wouldn't even know where to begin picking a name for my car.
  • Finally, for Ink, because is still makes me smile: CHEE!


squadratomagico said...

I am not good at naming cars, but when I lived in a tent for several months on end, I named it Lucille. A friend has a VW microbus that has to be push-started (just like "Little Miss Sunshine!"), named Esperanza. That's all my observations on the naming of inanimate objects: hope it helps.

And, you may not know how to do the strike-through, but you CAN do pretty little flowers for your bullet points! That counts for something, I'd say.

Ink said...

I heart you. Chee!

FWIW, I'm with you on the Maine thing. And I'm also indignant/outraged about the general slide into customerspeak in many of our ed things, too. Though I don't know what I expected, given that the Board of Trustees are all businesspeople. And, like, have no idea how our academic jobs *actually* work (item 1: one of their first big things was to challenge all of us on number of office hours per week because they couldn't possibly see how we were working so hard while only being required to be in the office x number of hours).

I hope those people email you back pronto. Here. I'm sprinkling email fairy dust...

Terminal Degree said...

How to do the strike-through:

< strike > text < / strike >
Just delete the spaces.

Digger said...

Thanks, all! Esp. Terminal Degree for the strike-through how-to ... though it's not possible in comments (too bad!). YAY!

Still nothing from the email people. And Ink.. that Board of Trustees story is horrendous!

I've popped off letters to my Congressmen and the White House about Stupak-Pitts.

The bathroom remains in the kitchen; a three-day job has turned into a week+.

The student feedbacks were actually very good! They hateHateHATE the pop quizzes though. Tough nuggies, you need to read your shit before coming to class.

My car doesn't have a name, but she *is* a she!

And Squadrato... I can't take credit for the flowers, they come with the template :D