Monday, November 2, 2009


Just back from some away-time in a different part of upstate New York than before. Adirondacks, this time, which is gorgeous, even when October turns to November. While I sort my photos and compose my text for the more geeky historical archaeology-themed "what I did this weekend" post, here is a little diversion.

Lets call the chipmunk Waldo. Can you find hir?

Hint: You can click on the picture to embiggen.


squadratomagico said...

Wow! She IS hard to find! (But I did.)

RPS77 said...

I found him/her, but I needed to enlarge the picture to do it. Anyone who can see that chipmunk in the smaller photo must have VERY good eyesight.

Ink said...

I enlarged it, put my face almost to the computer screen, and still couldn't find Waldo. But I LOVED looking at the leaves (am originally from upstate New York and MISS it like crazy in the fall).

Digger said...

Waldo is -just- SSE of the tip of the right fern leaf :)